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Consciousness is the light by which suffering disappears.


You know that life you secretly dream about?  That family?  Those relationships with others AND with yourself?

It can all be yours.  


Whether you come from trauma or a white picket fence, or anywhere in between, we are all filled with unconscious patterns that leave us living, relating or parenting by DEFAULT instead of CREATING the life, relationships or family that we truly (madly, deeply!) WANT.


Coming from a very broken home myself, I was deeply inspired to ensure that harmful unconscious patterns ended with me. 

I was so fiercely determined in my seeking, in my desire to create a conscious life and a loving, unbreakable family that I've spent a lifetime asking tough questions.



I have discovered that conscious coaching is THE answer.



Conscious coaching is the answer we are ALL looking for in our lives, our relationships and our parenting.   



Now that I am living my dreams it is my mission to help you live yours. 




Coaching for a conscious life - are you ready?