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Let’s be honest, parenting isn’t always all sunshine & roses, is it? In fact, parenting can push every button you never knew you had!


No matter what kind of parent you intended to be, the truth is that your children innocently carry the potential to ignite your biggest triggers. Even the most patient & well meaning of parents remember an outburst or two they’d much rather forget! We all have our dark moments & brain science is finally helping us understand why sometimes we lash out and, literally, ‘just can’t help it’.


What if there was a process that actually changes your neural response when your children do something that triggers you? What could that mean for you and for your family?


What if you could easily learn the tools and communication skills that would give you an authentic and life long connection with your children and your partner? Tools & skills that allowed everyone in your home to respect one another & speak openly about their feelings & their needs?


What if you could raise and nurture a happy, healthy family by learning simple steps and small changes that add up to profound shifts? How would you feel working together with your child, instead of feeling forced to dominate, punish or exert control over your child?


What if your parenting and the parent-child relationship became the vehicle through which you yourself were able to grow into higher and higher states of consciousness? And allowed your child to grow into a conscious adult?


What if you felt successful, satisfied, proud and completely empowered by your parenting?


Is that even possible? Yes! It really is! And if it’s your dream to make any or all of these ‘what if’s’ your reality, then I’m here to help you realize that dream.


Let me ask you…

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated, yelling, punishing or losing your cool more often than you would like?


Have you reached that point where you are feeling powerless and without control to make the changes you want to make? Do you sense that the same old unconscious patterns are repeating themselves over and over?


Do you feel like you've read all the books, listened to all the experts, tried everything and it’s still just not working? Do you ever feel guilt or parenting shame? Are you parenting in isolation?


Do you yearn for a deep connection with your child and your family? Are you feeling worried and scared that you may never truly have that?


Are you a dedicated parent? Are you ready and willing to make a massive paradigm shift, but completely unsure of where to start? Are you looking for knowledge, tools, a trusted guide, and proven step-by-step program that will lead the way?


For private clients, couples & small groups, The Ultimate Parent Success Intensive is a comprehensive 10-week program that will provide you with the tools and resources you need to have a deep transformational experience for you and your family.


In this in-depth program, you will finally understand why the timeouts, the consequences, and the punishments don’t work - or, if it seems to work at first, why it never lasts and is apt to leave you with a heavy heart either way. You will learn proven parenting tools and strategies that will enable you to easily move through conflicts into ever-deepening connection with your child. You will feel fearless, strong, and supported as you journey from parenting with conflict to parenting with peace.


We will work together to help you let go of feelings and belief patterns that are leftover from your childhood and the way we were parented. These unconscious patterns account for over 90% of our behaviour and can have us feeling and acting in ways that don’t benefit or serve us or our families. Because they are unconscious, we may not even be aware of their influence in our daily lives - we just feel their negative effects. Replacing these damaging patterns with your own empowering beliefs that support you will help you uncover your best parenting self; and fast.


The result of this leading edge work is not permissive parenting or turning a blind eye to undesirable behaviour. The result is a family relationship based on respect, effective communication, strong family values, and love. The result is children who are confident, happy, and secure. The result is that you and your children will be empowered to build the family that you all dream of and that we all inherently want. And the result is that you will reap these invaluable joys and benefits for generations to come!


Are you ready to say yes to the family of your dreams?